It is the policy of the Company to prohibit and actively prevent money laundering and any activity that facilitates money laundering or the funding of terrorism or criminal activities. All employees of the company are required to commit to maintaining the highest possible ethical standards of business conduct and adhere strictly to the Company’s policies and procedures.

Customer orientation, security, profitability, growth, competitiveness, hard work and attention to detail are the pillars of economic success and are the basis on which we run the company.

We are committed to the highest ethical standards in the formulation and pursuit of our objectives – “our word is our bond”. The company does not engage in transactions that are doubtful and/or lack transparency.

The integrity and commitment of each staff member ensures that the company provides fast, efficient, customer friendly and discreet services.

EK GOLD DMCC motivates staff members to exceptional levels of achievement through teamwork, creating an enjoyable working environment, and rewarding staff fairly according to their performance.

EK GOLD DMCC believes in equal opportunity for all staff members, irrespective of gender or race,and in the principal of providing a ‘fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work”. We are an attractive, caring and fair-minded employer.

EK GOLD DMCC operates rigorously according to customers’ requirements and market potential, always bearing in mind the need to observe all legal and regulatory rules and regulations.

The basic criteria is for EK GOLD DMCC to produce maximum benefit for its’ customers by offering a competitive range of tailor made physical precious metals products and services while at the same time optimizing the returns to all stakeholders in EK GOLD DMCC.

This is achieved by ensuring that EK GOLD DMCC is known by its’ clients for:
• Efficiency, speed and friendliness
• Error free customer service; any complaints must be settled quickly, fairly and amicably
• High levels of security and discretion
• Exceptionally personal style of customer contact and reaction to the customers’needs

EK GOLD DMCC is committed to observing the DMCC guidelines on Responsible Supply Chain for precious metals, which are based on OECD rules and set out a clear framework or code of conduct for everyone to follow so that we can ensure that we run our business not only in a profitable fashion but also according to the highest ethical standards. They sums up exactly what we all know – there is no substitute to really knowing your customers, and your customers’ customers. Strong KYCC and a complete understanding of our clients’ business are crucial in ensuring that we comply with the DMCC and all other international rules on responsible supply chain management.