Due to geographically advantageous location between the East and the West, Dubai has played a dominant role for centuries in the international physical gold market, and today, Dubai is known as the City of Gold.

EK GOLD DMCC is a Dubai based company that operates on the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa. The company conducts a dynamic activity on buying and selling gold bars as well as financing of gold mining at the initial stages. Purchased gold bars are being refined to international standards for company’s clients. In this direction EK GOLD DMCC co-operates with the world’s largest banks.

The headquarter office is located in Dubai and there is also a branch in Harare, Zimbabwe.

EK GOLD have trading license  DMCC-271821, according to this we have the opportunity to engage in the following activities:

non-manufactured precious metal trading

Pearls & precious stones trading

Jewellery trading